Professional construction project management and advice 

Bill Amy Project Management provides professional project management for construction and property development on the Mid North Coast, NSW.  With over 30 years experience managing commercial construction projects we provide the expertise to take projects from inception to completion on time and within budget.
Although being involved early in the process is the most efficient way to work, we can trouble shoot from any point in the construction process to get your project back on track.
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Project management from feasibility to completion of 14 villas in Port Macquarie

Project and construction management of 14 Macquarie Gardens Villas

Our 30 years in managing commercial construction and property developments gives us a strong working knowledge of client relationships, budgetary control and management of large multi faceted construction projects. We provide the expertise to take projects from inception to completion on time and within budget.


You are assured of our complete independence and professionalism in implementing management practices and systems to complete your projects at minimal inconvenience and cost.

Project management
Project and construction management at Macquarie garden Villas by Bill Amy

You know that any time lost in the plan for developing a site is money straight off your bottom line.  All developments have some unplanned issues and variations, how you deal with those can make a difference to your profit.


We offer professional project management of developments to minimize the risk of delays, provide the most cost effective solutions to any problems, and ensure you get the quality you wanted. 


By careful planning and collaboration with stakeholders, we can also minimize the need for large variations, which can severely impact the success of your project.

Development  management

With any construction project there will be unexpected issues, avoiding these is our first priority, but when they occur we can provide assertive management of consultants, builders, architects, engineers or contractors.


We take a ‘role-up-your-sleeves’ approach to collaborate with all concerned to come to an acceptable outcome for all parties with your interests being our priority.


Before starting this consultancy business, our principal Bill Amy, formed his own commercial construction company, becoming adept at understanding local government approval processes, contract negotiations, time, cost and quality control and the management of day to day construction of simultaneously running projects.

Construction management

Design management starts very early in the planning process; when you are determining what you need or want. As an independent advisor, our understanding of technical factors and knowledge of the design and construction process may influence your design decisions to establish the most cost effective solutions that will still give you what you want but will also save time and money in the longer term.


This is the time to have a ‘meeting of the minds’ between the designer or architects and what is pragmatic from a construction or engineering standpoint. We can be an independent facilitator in this process to make sure your interests are the priority.


Design management
Project and construction management at Miedecke Motors

Design management, approvals,construction management

Commercial assessment

When you are in the early stages of planning, assessing the commercial viability of a project under different scenarios is an important part to deciding on the scope or even viability of a construction project.


We can do a commercial assessment or feasibility study so that there are no surprises before you put too much time and resources into the project planning.  Changing your path based on sound, expert advice and analysis is smart, easier and less costly at this stage.



Working with governing authorities can be time consuming and fraught with frustration.  We know when and what approvals are needed and we can work to make sure they are carried out efficiently to avoid paperwork delays holding up your project.


Having run his own construction company our principal, Bill Amy, has a strong understanding of local government approval process.


Authority approvals
Contract negotiation

It is difficult to negotiate something that is not your field of expertise yet you need someone in the room who is on your side and has an in-depth understanding of the design and construction process.  We can ensure you get a fair deal that will provide a good foundation for a successful construction project.

From concept design to completiomn of construction Bill Amy can help


Contract administration

Once the contract is signed, contract oversight and administration ensures all parties fulfill their promises throughout the project. We can make sure that your interests are always represented and managed.


Our aim is to work with all parties throughout the project to make sure all is going according to plan and within the contract guidelines. We endeavor to avoid having to enforce the contract through legal channels. We believe in always taking the path that reduces your organisation’s exposure to the risks of legal proceedings.


Master planning

If you have a site that is being developed over time or one that may grow as your needs grow, having an idea a what the final vision might be will save time and money in the long term.


We can help orchestrate a master plan for your site so you can plan each stage with the end game in sight. This will help make sure you are not undoing work done or having to compromise because of an earlier decision that does not work with the long term vision



Through our broad experience in the tender process, we can help you get it right and set the foundation for a successful project. Tender preparation is complex and expensive for all players so getting our help will make the process more efficient and provide the best results for your project.


Tender preparations

We can inspect your portfolio of buildings to report on any maintenance issues, defects and safety concerns or possible upgrades including costs and timing estimates so expenses and capital expenditure plans can be proactive and budgeted rather than reactive.


Commercial building reports
Grant compliance

For many organization securing a grant for construction can be a great achievement. As the custodians of these monies it is your imperative to remain in compliance with the grant givers requirements and optimize the value of the money for a construction project.


We have experience in grant compliance to make sure you get all the money you expect.


Expert witness

If you are in a legal dispute, having a real expert on your side can change the outcome of your case. We are construction experts who are fully qualified and can provide technical information and valuations reflecting an in-depth understanding of the industry and factual accuracy to support expert opinions.  We have the experience and knowledge to resolve issues and answer scrutiny on our expert opinions with conviction.