How we minimise risks

In an industry where profitability or project outcomes can be seriously jeopardised by omission, incompetence, variation, delay and poor quality control we minimise these risks through:


  1. Profesional planning and risk mitigation,

  2. expert undertstanding of the design and construction process from the client's concept or vision to the client's use of the space and

  3. pre-empting, and managing 
    stakeholder needs.

We minimise risks through:


  • assertive management of consultants and contractors

  • understanding of the design and approval process

  • years of direct industry experience 

  • strong foundation in contract negotiation and administration

  • comprehensive knowledge of local government 

  • good working relationships with clients, consultants, authorities & contractors

Minimizing the risks is key to preventing overblown budgets and delays in completion which can impact your organisation beyond the actual project costs. Call us if you have any questions.